A.C.E. (Art.Culture.Education), the concept for creating an Arts and Culture Education programs for the Spiderman.Academy will be designed for children from nursery to high school, disadvantaged teens and young working people in Bulgaria. We are looking for new partnership with world leading technology companies, organizations and associations, geared toward the creation of a common culture. Ivan Kristoff’s history with aerial photography and filming in extreme situations will bring the audio visual culture to new heights with the new technology and innovation.

In 1995, one of the world’s avangarde producer of photo and video equipment, noticed the drive and the passion that elevates a young entrepreneur and his ambition to branch into the world of extreme with the latest technology for creative work. That is how the Achieve New Heights in Video campaign was created and that is how this unique experience can be passed and developed for the New Generation.

The Popular Mechanics for Kids TV series captured the Modus Vivendi of that spirit and here we will show you how we plan to develop an edutainment program aimed at socially disadvantaged young people and proposes fun artistic activities for children and teens, mostly from educational priority areas. This program, designed with the help of youth sector professionals, are intended to promote the artistic development through adventurous and high profile projects, because we know that people learn best when they are put in extreme situations.

When PMK pushes me over the edge... See how this kind of work can make high rise buildings safer... Its Popular Mechanics for Kids! Life Savers!

This is no dummy. You are looking up at real me, with a real heart with a beat…

It my looking as risking my life, but I know you are hoping of saving a life.  Popular Mechanics for Kids is over the top. Next…

Hanging by a thread

They call him Spiderman. He is a high rise rescuer. He uses his skills to save people in serious danger. He holds the world record for rappelling.

Today we are working together to prevent an accident.

Every high rise has ti be cleaned at least twice a year. It is often done on a swingstage. Like those platforms that window washers use. But on buildings that are realy high, it gets windy. So windy that the swingtage can be pushed aside like a pendulum. Lines can snap and people can get hurt. So, to make things safer, we instal anchors like this (Taler shows a rock climbing piton) on the side of the building. That way, workers can attached the swingstage at either to the anchors.

So, when the wind blows, they will be securely fixed to the building. There is only one way to ge the job done. I am going down and rappelling this high rise, floor by floor.