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Together, we are stronger | LIFE SAVERS! on FOX TV


I am with Spiderman himself, of course, one of the best in the business. Lucky for me!

Ivan ``Spiderman`` Kristoff on FOX TV

Allright Ivan, fasten me up! Make sure you make it right and tight! (Ivan says: “There is no way you can escape!”)
This is what is going to hold me up. I will clip to the building and attach to my harness. Now it is OK if ti falls on my head. Whatever this is for, it is tight. One more time, there is no way I can fall? Right?

The ladder makes it easier to climb over the edge.

Ivan walks PMK host Kyte Tyler over the edge, the crucial point where if everything goes wrong, it will be beyond this point. From that point, everything is in the domain of the rope access tech to manage the situation on the way down, up or sideways. He passes that Breaking Point and explains the process of the following movements, step by step. One important thing to remember is stay calm, #StandingTogether, and always to breath slowly. Next step is to rappel #StandingTogether and explain how to install anchors on the side of the building.

I hand break is attached to the rope. That way I can stop or slight down on the building on my own pace. It is a good thing that (the hammmer that felt off) is attached to a safety line, otherwise it is going to fall down there and kill someone.

Every tool that we use has to be hooked on to a safety line. Both sides of the swingstage are hooked up to the anchor like this. That keeps them from swinging from the wind. Now Ivan fills the hole with a special cement. It’s a glue that keeps the anchor in. Normally we do this for every thirth floor, but now we can get down. OK, we have a lot to go. I feel that I have got so far, and I have so much further to go.

For educational purpose, Ivan and the TV producer and crew has decided to make things surprisingly “extreme”, so that Kyte can experience the Element of surprise and learn how to deal with it and develop stamina for that.

Something is wrong. The safety line is to short. There is no line to get me down the rope. Ivan releases me from the line. Good thing is that I am attached to his, otherwise I would have been stuck. Coming down the line, he told me that we have to improvise…