The American TV Series “Popular Mechanics for Kids” followed Ivan Kristoff, aka Spiderman on the vertical walls of Toronto high – risee. Life TV Network featured the-Real Life Spiderman at work with TV Host Tyler Kyte. In this TV episode Ivan shows rope access work for kids.

Today on ‘Popular Mechanics’, we are doing a story called Rappelling that goes into the overall theme of LIFESAVING. How you shoot rappelling? You shoot it form a lot of different angles. First of all, safety is the main thing. We are with one of the best in Canada in terms of rappelling and sport’s safety. And, we have him hooked up with the different lines, so that nothing happens. He is a brave guy to go over the side. I could not even look, well along do it myself,” says Sid Goldberg, writer and director.

Are you nervous?
I am nervous for me!
I am nervous for you and me!

Sharks were not that scary. I knew for sure I was safe. I was in a cage and they did not look that vicious, whatever. This is more nothing is under me,” says Tyler Kyte.

I feel pretty fine. I have been watching the expert work on all of this. I fill comfortable. Tyler's confidence is fine, so, I feel very confident and so, we are ready to go!

And this behind the scenes approach to teaching, seems to be working.

Kids love the show, because they can identify with it. They see these very grand, very extreme situations that they can only see on television. And they can dream and fantasize and say – Hay, I can do that. And kids love to learn form other children. So, when our host goes and do these adventures and they have to live it out and have fun, in extreme sphere and all of these things that they go through, than the kids watch it and glue to it.

And I guess educators like the show too, because it helps them explain visually what they get only in textbooks. and it is a lot of fun.“, says Sid Goldberg.

Now if we can always get jobs like Tyler... Popular Mechnics for Kids is broadcasted in 25 contires arround the world and althought it is origiunaly designed with the younger set of mind, it's unique aproach to educational television has made a hit with the parents as well. For TV Gide Television, I am Michelle McCree.